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Hi Volunteers!


Thank you for coming to Eventing Volunteers.com to volunteerfor the 2018 Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Horse Trials on October 20-21, 2018!  This is our 43rd annual event.


We could not run this event without volunteers so each of you is crucial to the itssuccess!  We are grateful for each andevery hour you can give both to our Club and the many competitors coming fromover a dozen states around the country. We will also be running our popular College Team Challenge again.


This year, we are using the USEA’s Volunteer IncentiveProgram to enlist volunteers and track the number of hours each of you work forthe USEA’s many events during the year. Every hour you volunteer is counted and adds up on a central LeaderBoard.  The Leading Volunteers at the endof the year are eligible for prizes from National and each Area.  We are in Area III.  For example, if you volunteered for the Forkat TIEC in April, your hours here will add to those.  You will receive emails from the systemduring the event to record the hours you work.


It should be fairly straightforward to sign up for positionsthis year.  Here are a few comments of ageneral nature:


Jump Judges:  We need a lot of jump judges!  However, we only want to do one trainingsession in the morning.  It is verylogistically tricky to do a second one at midday.  Therefore, we encourage all of our JumpJudges to sign up for All Day if you possibly can.   It can be a very pleasant way to spend thebetter part of a day, and we will serve you lunch and all the drinks and snacksyou can handle.  IF you just can’t helpall day, please plan on coming for the training and staying as long as you can,at least through the morning.  Mark yoursignup in the comments for when you desire to leave.  We can manage easily a few people leavingearly as we usually reduce the number of jumps as we drop to the lowercompetitive divisions.


Shifts—Formany other positions, we set up morning and afternoon shifts.  If you can stay all day at these spots,please sign up for both shifts.  Wewelcome that as it makes our lives a lot easier!


Lunches—Ifyou prefer a Vegetarian lunch, please indicate that in the comments.


You will receive many more detailed instructions as we getcloser to the event but with the gigantic WEG coming in September, we wanted asmany people as possible to get this event on your calendar in October.


If you have any questions about sign-ups, please do nothesitate to contact me by phone, text, or email.  We will try to accommodate all situations andwe want everyone to be a HAPPY volunteer!!!


Thank you again and I look forward to working with you!


Terry Lynch