TheMiddleburg Horse Trials is excited to run at the historic and beautiful GreatMeadow Field Events Center in The Plains. This is our seventh year running theevent at this location.  

Therewill be T-shirts and hats  for volunteers, as well as food and drinks. 

Great Meadow has ahistory of eventing and three-day events that dates back to the 80s wherelegends like Bruce Davidson, Jim Wofford and David O’Connor participated inUSEF sanctioned events. After a brief hiatus, high-performance eventingreturned to Great Meadow in 2014 after the Foundation purchased the adjacentFleming Farm exclusively to run eventing competitions. After initially runninga USEF training session to prepare the US Eventing team for the 2014 WorldEquestrian Games, the Great Meadow International (GMI) was born. GMI ran aCIC3* in 2015 and then later became the first venue outside of Europe to host aleg of the prestigious Nations Cup of Eventing. In 2019 the GMl ran aCCI2-S,CCI3-S, andCCI4-S and starting 2021 added a Preliminary level. TheMiddleburg HT uses Fleming Farm property for XC and the high-qualityall-weather footing for SJ and some of the dressage.

We look forward to this event and hope you can help byvolunteering