The Event at TerraNova - CCI4*/3*/2*/1* and Horse Trials

March 28 - 31, 2024


TerraNova Equestrian is very excited to host another successful Event and is hoping you wish to join our team.  The old adage, "It takes a village", is a great depiction of what it takes to run one of these big events, and hope you'll decide to come help.

How to sign up

  • Step #1 to signup for USEA Horse Trials:  Click on the tab that says "Event Days,"  in blue. Determine the day(s) you want to work.  Days are listed in blue. Click on the day to see the positions available.
  • Select the sign-up button next to the shift(s) you want to work
    • If there is no button, then that means that all slots for that position have been filled
  • Any special needs/requests, etc - please use the comments field to convey these - we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • When signing up for someone else, please put the person's name doing the position in the comments section.

NOTE:  We prefer to have full day volunteers where noted, however,  if you are only able to work a partial day, please add a comment on the signup or contact the Volunteer Coordinator below to see what accommodations can be made.  

ADDRESS:  TerraNova Equestrian, 31625 Clay Gully Road, Myakka City, FL 34251

  • ARRIVAL TIMES:    These are noted in the "Time" column next to each position.  Please note that these times are provisional and will change as entries are determined and the total number competitors are finalized.  You will receive an e-mail notification from this website.  In some cases we give an ending time - we ask that you be flexible as the events of the day will dictate the actual end time.
  • MEETING PLACE:    Please report to the Volunteer Check-In at your arrival time.  Follow the signs to this location.
  • BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING:  Great snacks, best seats in the event, meet new friends, learn about the sport from the experts and lunch will be served!  
  • WHAT TO BRING:  Every job is a little different, but in general, plan on being in the sun most of the day and dress for the weather.  It is always best to dress in layers, a volunteer t-shirt will be provided.  Some items you might want to consider bringing/wearing ... a chair, sunscreen, bug spray, chapstick, hat, rain gear, closed-toe shoes. 

Please feel free to forward this weblink to anyone you feel might want to come out and help.

And on behalf of our Volunteer Coordinator and Show Organizers

"The greatest gift a person can give is the gift of time! 

Thank you in advance for helping us make all our Horse Trials a success - without YOU - OUR VOLUNTEERS - there would be no event!"  

VOLUNTEER CO-COORDINATORS: Samantha Herrig - (651) 216-2050  &  Katy Rosen - (941) 928-3203