Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Huntington Farm Horse Trials!!

Please click the "Event Days" tab above to select the date that you would like to volunteer. From there you can select available positions. Listed next to each position are blue icons with descriptions and videos for your review.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or problems signing up, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you!!! 

General Information for Volunteers

Please use 130 Justin Morrill Hwy, S.Strafford, VT 05070 as the GPS address for arrival.


Please refer to emails from your volunteer coordinator about specific arrival times. Email 

[email protected] with any questions. 


Lunch is provided for all volunteer shifts. Please let your volunteer coordinator know about any food allergies in advance. Please bring your own water bottle!


All job-related equipment will be provided. Please wear clothing and shoes that are weather-appropriate, and be prepared for any sudden weather changes- layers, sunscreen, rain gear and extra socks are always a good idea!


Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities through out the year associated with the Huntington Farm

Horse Trials.  Following are some of the areas in which volunteers are needed for each and every event:

Prior to the Event

  • Dressage Arena Setup
  • Cross Country Flagging and Decoration
  • Signage


  • Dressage Scribes
  • Dressage Runners
  • Dressage Warm-up Stewards
  • Scoring Assistants

Cross Country and Stadium 

  • Stadium Timers
  • Stadium Jump Crew
  • Stadium Scribes
  • Stadium Runners
  • Cross Country Timers
  • Cross Country Fence Judges
  • Cross Country Starters
  • Scoring Assistants

Additional information and briefing times will be sent out the the week of the event, and check this page for any updates to the schedule.

Items to remember:

Please NO dogs on the cross course

Lunches provided, please let us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies. 

As necessary, we assign multiple judges to each fence, this is due to multiple jumps, location of jump, experience of judges, etc.  Please don't ask to move to a different jump or to have others assigned with you to move.  There is a method to our madness!

The organizers ask that you please leave your furry friends at home. 

Please bring a chair, suitable clothing and a stop watch or a watch with a second hand.

Please be prepared to weather changes- this is New England! :) 

The event will go rain or shine, in the past years we have had everything from rain to hail!