Come out and join us for a fun weekend at Otter Creek Farm Horse Trials! 

Without volunteers we would not be able to run these shows, so we would like to thank you all in advance!

The shifts are set up with tentative times, if it as listed as an all day shift and you can only do half a day or if you are riding and volunteering don't worry we can work around that! Just put a not in the comments of the times you are available and if you riding what level. You can also contact our volunteer coordinator, Brandi Johnson, at [email protected] with any shift concerns or other questions.

The schedule below is tentative, times will be sent out for when to arrive and when we start once the schedule is done (the week of the show). Any questions please contact Brandi at [email protected].

Friday Dressage - Runs all day. Please check in at the show office, this is located by stabling on the south side of the road. Start time depends on the number of entries. Lunch will be available for those here during lunch. We also provide water and other beverages.

Friday Show Jumping (BN & Starter)  - Will start in the afternoon approximately 2:00 PM. Please check in with Brandi at the show jumping ring by the announcers stand or the in-gate 

Saturday Cross-Country - Jump judge meeting is 8:00AM in the pavilion (this is check in for warm up, start box, and finish timers as well) **This could change depending on scheduling**. Beverages will be made available throughout the day, lunches will be provided for those who are here around that time. 

What to Bring - We do have plastic chairs available, but suggest that you bring your own. We suggest having a device that can time (with seconds) be that a cell phone, watch, or stop watch. Weather varies so dress appropriately. Sunscreen is usually a good thing to have on hand, so you don't end up looking like a tomato! 

Sunday Show Jumping - Start time is approximately 8:30AM and this usually runs to early/mid-afternoon. Please check in with Brandi at the show jumping ring by the announcers stand or the in-gate. ** Please note these times are subject to change**

Our address is:

E5847 1170th Ave 

Wheeler, WI 54772

Again we would like to thank all of you for volunteering! We look forward to seeing everyone for great 2024 show season!