Welcome Everyone!

As everyone knows, the sport of eventing cannot exist without volunteers to help run the event. Volunteers are the people who show up rain or shine, with smiles on, and who graciously give their free time to make sure everyone has a fun and safe day of sport. So this will be the first time, but most certainly not the last, that we say thank you.

Below is information to help you with whatever job you are doing on the day of the event. But as always, please contact us with any questions that you have that aren't answered below.


Volunteer Opportunities

Set-Up the Day Before the Event

  • decorating the cross country course
  • hospitality at cross country start for those riders walking the course the day before
  • general help for the organizers


  • ·        bit check
  • ·        ring stewards
  • ·        scribes
  • ·        score runners

Cross Country

  • ·        jump judges
  • ·        score runner
  • ·        start box
  • ·        finish line/timers

Show Jumping

  • ·        scribe
  • ·        warm-up steward
  • ·        in-gate
  • ·        ring crew

General Jobs

  • ·        help with general event clean up
  • ·        scoring
  • ·        awards


Volunteer Guidelines

Here are the links to the USEA Official Guidelines for Volunteers


Below is a list of basic guidelines to help volunteers on the day of the event.

  • ·        Lunches provided to assigned volunteers only. All other friends, relatives, children are welcome, but will need to bring theirown snacks, drinks, lunches.
  • ·        The organizers ask that you please leave your furry friends at home
  • ·        Please bring a chair, suitable clothing and a stop watch or a watch with a second hand.
  • ·        In the event of rain, vehicles will not be allowed out on the course. So please be sure to bring your own chair and appropriateclothing for the weather.


The event cannot run without volunteers so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you and we look forward toseeing you at the event!