To view open positions, click on the day of the event you're interested in volunteering and a list of open positions will appear. Below is the general volunteer information.

SVPC Horse Trials will take place at Bittersweet Field, 14401B Partnership Road, Poolesville MD 20837 on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16.

We could not run an official horse trials without our incredible volunteers. Volunteers who are working a full day at the horse trials will receive a T-shirt or grocery bag and a pass for cross country schooling on one of the schooling days at Bittersweet. Snacks will be provided throughout the day for volunteers and lunch will be provided for full day volunteers. Students are eligible for 1 hour of SSL credit per volunteer hour. We encourage volunteers to bring an insulated lunch bag and ice pack with them to place your sandwich and drink in; all volunteers will pick up their lunches at the Volunteer Tent except for dressage and early morning parking team members who arrive before the lunches are out. 


We will host the horse trials in rain or shine, so report for duty regardless of the weather.  Listed below is the time to arrive at the volunteer post for each area. If you have any questions about where you are supposed to be, please contact me or Leslie Case by email at [email protected] or phone, 203-247-5098.  Contact your steward for an emergency.  In the event you cannot contact the steward or me; contact Nancy Jones, 240-601-7127.


At the horse trials, your steward, the Volunteer Check In tent and the event secretaries are available to answer any questions. The Volunteer Check In Tent is also where students will get the SSL form signed. Our goal is for volunteers to have a great day at our event, so please come to our volunteer tent or your steward with any issues with competitors or fellow volunteers immediately so we can address them. 

Please note that there is an Eventing Volunteers app for iphones and androids and volunteers can download the application prior to the event to view messages for volunteers and to check in and check out at the event. You will find lunch, information, T-Shirts and cross country passes at the Volunteer Check In Tent. Students should bring SSL forms, but can also get a blank form at the Volunteer Check In tent located near the secretary’s stand.  

USEA has videos on many horse trials jobs that volunteers can review in advance at