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SVPC Horse Trials will take place at Bittersweet Field, 14401B Partnership Road, Poolesville MD 20837 on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16.

We could not run an official horse trials without our incredible volunteers. Volunteers who are working a full day at the horse trials will receive a T-shirt or grocery bag and a pass for cross country schooling on one of the schooling days at Bittersweet. Snacks will be provided throughout the day for volunteers and lunch will be provided for full day volunteers. Students are eligible for 1 hour of SSL credit per volunteer hour. We encourage volunteers to bring an insulated lunch bag and ice pack with them to place your sandwich and drink in; all volunteers will pick up their lunches at the Volunteer Tent except for dressage and early morning parking team members who arrive before the lunches are out. 


We will host the horse trials in rain or shine, so report for duty regardless of the weather.  Listed below is the time to arrive at the volunteer post for each area. If you have any questions about where you are supposed to be, please contact me or Leslie Case by email at [email protected] or phone, 203-247-5098.  Contact your steward for an emergency.  In the event you cannot contact the steward or me; contact Nancy Jones, 240-601-7127.


At the horse trials, your steward, the Volunteer Check In tent and the event secretaries are available to answer any questions. The Volunteer Check In Tent is also where students will get the SSL form signed. Our goal is for volunteers to have a great day at our event, so please come to our volunteer tent or your steward with any issues with competitors or fellow volunteers immediately so we can address them. 

Please note that there is an Eventing Volunteers app for iphones and androids and volunteers can download the application prior to the event to view messages for volunteers and to check in and check out at the event. You will find lunch, information, T-Shirts and cross country passes at the Volunteer Check In Tent. Students should bring SSL forms, but can also get a blank form at the Volunteer Check In tent located near the secretary’s stand.  

USEA has videos on many horse trials jobs that volunteers can review in advance at

Stewards for each area are: 

Dressage : Yvette Seger; 202-412-5363

Stadium : Erica Davis; 301-529-2437

Cross Country : Nellie Hanagan; 301-367-3703

Scoring:  Leslie Case; 203-247-5098

Parking:  Mike Bickenbach; 704-995-6698



Where : Dressage Rings by sheds (just ask a parking attendant)

When : 7:20 am for scribes and warm-up people, 8:00 for runners. You will be reporting before the Volunteer Check In Tent is set up, so report directly to Yvette who will be at the dressage rings (parking attendants can direct you). On Saturday dressage rides end at approximately 2 pm and Sunday dressage rides are scheduled to end at approximately 3:45 pm.

What : scribes are in huts, so shaded. Warm-up volunteers and runners should bring sun gear, chair, bug spray, jacket if it rains, and a folding chair if you want one.



Where : Meet at Stadium Scoring Stand (just ask parking attendant). You can check in at the Volunteer Check In. 

When : Saturday and Sunday 9:45 for scribes, timers, in-gate and warm-up, jump crew. Stadium is scheduled to end at approximately 3 pm on Saturday and 5:15 pm on Sunday.

What : scribes, timers will be under the tent, in the shade. Everyone else bring sun gear, bug spray, jackets if needed, and a folding chair if you want one (this is something our jump crew will definitely want). Insulated lunch bag with ice pack also recommended.


Cross Country

Where:  Meet on race track by gate 2 (ask Volunteer Check In for directions)

When : Saturday at 9:15 am and Sunday, 9:45 am for check-in and for mandatory briefing. Check in at the Volunteer Check In and pick up your lunch there. On Saturday cross country is scheduled to end at approximately 3:15 pm and on Sunday cross country is scheduled to end at approximately 5:30 pm. You are signed up for the full day at a jump unless you notified us when you signed up. Contact Nellie immediately if you do not plan to be there for the full shift.

What : You won't know if you are in the sun or shade until you get to the field so be prepared for either. Bring bug spray, sunscreen, a folding chair and an insulated bag with an ice pack and drinks if you want -- although drinks and snacks will be offered to you during the day from the roaming gator team. You may also jump judge from your vehicle

Late arrivals : Find your steward, Nellie Hanagan at Start Box



Where : “Old Concession Stand” (near dressage)

When : 8:00 am Saturday and Sunday for dressage with last dressage ride at 1:45 pm Saturday and 3:45 pm Sunday; 10:30 am for cross country scoring (first ride 10:50 am; last ride Saturday 3:10 pm and Sunday 5:30 pm)

What : You will be inside the scoring shed or tower so shaded all day. Bring your own laptop or let us know if you need one. 



Where : Main gate on Partnership Road

When : 6:00 am Saturday and Sunday; Afternoon Parking and Gate Attendants report at Noon. You are reporting before the Volunteer Check In Tent opens, but will pick up your lunch from there or it will be delivered. See Mike with any questions. 

What : You will be on your feet much of the time. Bring sun gear, jacket if rainy, a folding chair for the slower moments. You may want to bring an insulated bag with an ice pack to store your lunch. 

Guest Shuttle

Where : Main gate on Partnership Road

When : Report to the Secretary Stand in the morning by 8 am

What : You will be driving a golf cart with a roof. Bring a jacket/sweatshirt (its surprisingly cold in the morning)  and a towel for the morning shift as the seats are wet.  You may want an insulated bag and ice pack to store lunch and drinks


Thank you again for volunteering! If you’re unsure where you volunteered, please log into the Eventing Volunteers website or email Leslie Case at [email protected].