Thank you for volunteering at MCTA’s 2021 Starter Horse Trial at Tranquility Manor Farm! 

We literally cannot do this without you! This is an outdoor rain-or-shine event, so please dress appropriately (layers are a good idea) and if you have ANY questions, feel free to contact us using the little yellow envelope icon on the “My Signups” tab.

Additional information and Briefing times will be sent out the week of the event, but check this page for any updates to the schedule.


This lovely farm is located at 4101 Stansbury Mill Road in Monkton, MD 21111.


A signed, USEA non-competitor waiver is required from each volunteer. If you have a profile on this website, you can check to see that your waiver is valid by clicking on the “My Waivers” tab. 

If you have a signed waiver in the system, you do not need to bring a printout, but if you do not have a signed waiver in the system, we will ask you to read and sign one upon arrival. Alternatively, if you cannot find the waiver on the Eventing Volunteers website, use this link to access the and use [email protected] as the email address to forward the waiver.


Per USEF, USEA, and local guidelines, every individual on the grounds MUST wear a mask and maintain a 6 ft physical distance from others if you are UNVACCINATED. 

Vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask if they are with members of their own family and/or more than 6 ft away from others. 

Vaccinated individuals are still required to wear a mask if they are within 6 ft of others or are indoors. 


This is a rain-or-shine event! If the weather is good, XC jump judges will be able to drive their vehicles to their jumps. However, if the weather is inclement, XC jump judges will not be able to drive their vehicles on the course so that we can preserve the turf for future events.

Plan A is to keep fingers crossed for good weather, but if we have to execute Plan B, we will get you and your vehicle as close to your jump as possible - an organizer or steward will be there to help you get situated. 

Please remember to bring everything you need to be comfortable sitting in the middle of a field - layered clothing, bug spray, umbrella, waterproof boots / shoes, water, snacks - for several hours.


There will be a food truck on the premises, but drinks, water, and snacks will be provided to all volunteers and bagged lunch will also be provided to our full day volunteers. 

6. VOLUNTEER SWAG - the second best part of the event :c)

MCTA bucks ($25 for half-day, $50 for full-day) that can be used to pay entry fees, schooling fees, or to purchase a ticket to our year end awards                banquet in January! 


As part of our new volunteer recognition program, we will be drawing the name of one lucky volunteer at the end of the day and the winner will be

given a $25 VISA gift card! 


If you volunteered for AT LEAST one day at our recognized event AND at least one day at one of our three unrecognized events OR our schooling         days, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card OF YOUR CHOICE at our annual banquet! 

NOTE: PLEASE remember to check in & out on the VIP app so we can accurately track volunteer hours for MCTA’s year-end awards and for our         volunteers recognition program. If you are volunteering to satisfy a volunteer or community service hours requirement and need a specific form         signed, please bring that with you and one of the organizers or stewards will sign that for you. Any questions? Contact us! 


Volunteer Information & Resources: 

USEA Volunteering Information

Volunteer Tutorial Videos

USDF Guideline's for Scribes

Dogs are allowed on the premises, but they MUST be leashed at all times and should not be a distraction to you (while you are volunteering) or to the competitors during the event. Thank you for your cooperation.