Welcome to the 2021 Loch Moy Farm/MDHT EventingVolunteers.com page! 

Thank you so much for volunteering at Loch Moy Farm!  We could not run our events without the vital support from our volunteers!

Volunteers who work a full day will receive your CHOICE OF:

·        A Schooling Pass good on XC schooling course by entrance, SJ rings, dressage rings, gallop track, indoor, river trails, and the Competition course on specific days (July 12 + 17 and October 11 + 16). This pass is non transferable outside of the family.  

  The expiration for all passes and certificates will be 6 months from the date of the event.  NO EXCEPTIONS on expiration date!


·        1 raffle ticket for a chance to win a 2021 Maryland 5* Top Tier Event package for 2 (4 days, including hospitality) Thursday, October 14 -Sunday, October 24 OR $1,000, your choice. No limit to the number of raffle tickets in exchange for a pass.


·        ** $60 credit towards an MDHT UNRECOGNIZED event or competition course schooling ($60 credit) on non volunteer days or LMF/MDHT Logo wear (limit 3 per year) .  Good for 6 months from date of issue.  No exceptions.


·        ** A $60 gift certificate issued to the person of your choosing, good for xc schooling course, all weather rings (when available), or competition course schooling ($60 credit) on non volunteer days, indoor, SJ, dressage and logo wear.  Does not include competition course.  All gift certificates are good for 6 months from the date of issue.  No exceptions.

** These choices must be given to Carolyn in advance (301-514-0111).

NEW FOR 2021: 

DRESSAGE VOLUNTEERS BONUS: When Volunteering for dressage, you will ALSO receive 1 entry to a Pick Your Time/Pick Your Test dressage show as well as an entry for an upcoming dressage clinic, 1 per season for you or your horse (March-June or July-October) held at Loch Moy Farm, Sunday, June 13, 2021- USDF Silver medalist, Suzy Floyd or Sunday, October 24, 2021 with Meaghan Truppner. This is IN ADDITION to the above pass and PYT/PYT dressage entry.

1) Volunteers can use their pass for whatever schooling they would like. Just like a regular pass before it expires.

2) Volunteers get 1 entry for 1 dressage test of choice at the June 12 or October 23 PYT/PYT Dressage Show. Contact Carolyn (301-514-0111) BEFORE closing.  If a volunteer signs up for dressage volunteering 2 or more times, they will receive either 2 dressage tests of choice entries or a PYT Fix A Test entry at the PYT Dressage Show.

3) For first half of season, Volunteers will receive 1 entry to the Suzy Floyd clinic which is June 13. They get to ride in the clinic or have someone ride their horse in the clinic. Volunteers need to contact Carolyn by June 5th to enter.  For second half of the season, Volunteers will receive 1 entry to the Meghan Truppner clinic which is October 24. They get to ride in the clinic or have someone ride their horse in the clinic. Volunteers need to contact Carolyn by October 15 to enter.

Loch Moy Farm is rolling out a new scoring and entry system this year called Compete Easy. All entries will be processed for unrecognized events (starters, twilights, PYTs).  Dressage Scribes will be using a new scribing system on Compete Easy called LiveScore Dressage (download from your app store). You can practice this at home preferably on a tablet or it may also work on a phone. The XC jump judging and timing app is called Jumping by Nominate Pty Ltd.  You can download this to your phone to practice beforehand. We have a group of videos that will explain how to use everything and will be on the following link when finished in March. There are videos already uploaded to the MDHT Loch Moy Farm YouTube channel.


All volunteers, please download the Compete Easy app to your phone. Everyone that enters the property will check in using the "Check In" feature.  Competitors, volunteers, admins, judges and support staff will be doing this in 2021!

DO YOU RUN/OWN A SMALL BUSINESS??  We'd like to know so that we can market your business to the MDHT/Loch Moy Farm community.  We want to get our competitors engaged with our volunteers and what you all have to offer.  Volunteers support our competitors' passion and love of eventing so it's time for them to give back volunteers.  Please send us an email at [email protected] with a paragraph "blurb" about what you do, along with a photo and we will gladly promote your business through our web site, social media, digital program and mass emails. 

We are working on recruiting Hospitality sponsors to provide lunches to volunteers in 2021.  If you know of anyone that would love to donate, please have them email us at e[email protected].  Marisa Bianchi is handling sponsorships now and is doing a wonderful job. Let us know what we can do to help you promote your business through our online listing.

Our events run rain or shine so please plan on being here no matter what the weather.  If you have any questions before the event, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Gena, at 240-388-2400.  Any questions or concerns on the day of the event, please contact Carolyn at 301-514-0111. 

There will be a volunteer email sent out 2 days prior to each event with arrival times and  other pertinent information.  If you don’t receive an email, please look at the APP for announcements or through eventingvolunteers.com (the red bullhorn).

NEW VOLUNTEERS PLEASE NOTE: There is a free eventingvolunteers.com APP for both iphones and androids.  The app allows volunteers to see all announcements, check in and check out at each event.  You will be receiving an email or alert advising you to check in on the morning of your event.  You can do that once you arrive at Loch Moy Farm.  You can also check out through the app (or through your email).  If you forget to check in/check out, eventingvolunteers.com will send a reminder email the following day asking you to update your hours.  If you have any problems with this, please contact Gena at 240-388-2400. 

If you, as a volunteer, are mistreated by ANYONE (competitor, official, parent, coach), please call Carolyn immediately. If you witness someone being mistreated, call Carolyn immediately.  We cannot do anything about situations if we are not told during the event.  We love our volunteers and want to make sure that you are treated with the utmost respect. 301-514-0111