We're ON for July Horse Trials! Thank you to all of our volunteers past, present and future! Scheduling information is still coming to me, but I will update as I know things. Current listed times are JUST placeholders. NO ONE expects you to be here at 630AM 

A couple things to remember: 

  1.  If you are a collegiate team, talk to Launa about your team receiving a donation as a thank you for volunteering. 

  2. IF we fill our volunteer positions by July 8, AND they are STILL full on HT day,  everyone receives an extra token. 

  3. Lunch is PROVIDED! Please let us know if you have any restrictions when you sign up so we can plan accordingly

  4. Weather gonna weather. Check the forecast and be prepared. We try to have some basics, like sunscreen & hand sanitizer, on hand but can't accommodate everything for everyone. 

Hope to see you soon! 

Kaitlin Bell

Volunteer Coordinator


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