Welcome to the Equestrians Institute Horse Trials
Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) SIGN UP!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering @ EIHT at the Horse Park.  EI is proud to be using the USEA Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) for  all our volunteer scheduling. Click here for information on this new program with links for signing up through https://www.eventingvolunteers.com. Once on the eventing volunteer website, new users click on "I'm a Volunteer" and create a user name and password. (See below for detailed instructions on Getting Started).

Returning users, just click on "I'm a Volunteer" to sign in. Then click on "Open Events"and search for the current EIHT event.

Volunteering at the EIHT Event is a fun and educational way to get up close to all the action! Volunteers are an integral part of this USEA recognized equestrian competition – in fact, we couldn’t do it without you! Everyone involved – from Event organizers to judges to competitors –sincerely appreciate the hard work that our dedicated volunteers put into make the EIHT at the Horse Park a greater success with each passing year.


For those of you that have been part of EIHT in the past, we look forward to seeing you again! For those that would like to sign up for this year’s Spring Event, we welcome you with open arms!! No experience is necessary. As you know if you have volunteered in the past, EIHT has a Hospitality tent and provides food, tea, coffee and water for our volunteers, as well as thank you gifts to choose from.

If you'd like to help but you don't have time for a full shift; sign up as a 'Floater" and indicate your availability in the 'comments' box.


If you have questions about what the volunteer positions involve, these new videos are helpful.



NEW: Download the Eventing Volunteers mobile app for iPhone & iPad or Android


If you have questions about signing up or logging your volunteer hours, contact one of us:

Penelope Leggott         cell 206-295-8604 or        [email protected]

CatherineHannan              cell 425-890-3285 or       [email protected]

Joe Hannan  cell 206-276-9909


Official Guidelines for Volunteers

USEA Volunteering Information

USEA XC Jump Judge Guidelines rev. 2018

USDF Guidelines for Scribes


Howto get started with the VIP program:
If you do not already have an account with Eventing Volunteers.com and you would like to volunteer for this and other USEA competitions you will first need to set up an account.
Instructions for setting up an account:

·        Go to the EventingVolunteers home page and click on "I'm a Volunteer"

·        Create a new account

·        Click on the confirmation link sent by e-Mail

·        Return to Eventing Volunteers home page and click on "I’m a volunteer"again

·        Log in with your credentials

·        Fill out the"New Volunteer Form"

·        Once complete, you will be redirected to the Volunteer Dashboard where you will click on the"Open Events" tab and look for the EIHT logo and the competitions that you would like to volunteer

In the future, once you have set up an account, you will simply click the"I'm a Volunteer" and look for the EIHT Logo under the 'open events' 
Instructions for signing up once you logged in and on the appropriate competition page:

·        highlight the day(s)that you would like to sign up for

·        scroll down to see what positions are available

·        select the"sign up" button next to the shift you want to work 

·        if you are available to work ALL day please check both AM & PM shifts

·        if there is no button, that means that all the slots for that position have been filled

·        if you'd like to help but you don't have time for a full shift; sign up as a 'Floater"and indicate your availability in the 'comments' box.

·        jump judges who would like to be paired up with someone in particular or request a particular jump; make a note of that request in the 'comment' box

ARRIVAL TIMES - We ask all volunteers to sign in on the App or in the Hospitality tent a half hour before their schedule shift begins.  The schedule will be posted on the volunteer schedule page of the EIHT website.